Somalia regional leaders formally overthrow the Electoral Commission

Photo/Somali Times

The Somalia’s was concluded in the National Council of the heads of state level, which reached an agreement electoral procedure, such as the selection of the delegates vote, election security, the cost and how to protect women’s quota.

The agreement reveals that the regional leaders, which includes the prime minister Roble and state leaders, have taken over the power to elect members of parliament, and includes provisions to make it easier for delegates to control the electorate.

The election of members of parliament, according to previous agreements and a recent procedure issued by the Federal Electoral Commission, stipulates that the majority of the power to elect members of parliament belongs to the tribes that hold the seat.

A copy of the selection process agreed, the mission is to discuss the voting delegates to be filled said, “Genevieve voting delegates is valid only if at least two-thirds of the delegates. ”

The article states that 67 of the 101 members of the delegation can elect a member of parliament, excluding the other 34. This gives state leaders, who have freely controlled the election of members of the Upper House, the opportunity to prevent delegates from casting their ballots against their will, and casting their vote of no confidence, as this agreement allows them to avoid at least 30 of them. Delegates are elected one seat.

Also, the deal, ensuring the mission is said, “To ensure safety and security of persuading each checking subcommittee Security Council vote state, to prevent intervention. The regional leaders remove the powers of the Somali Federal Electoral Commission