Mogadishu has entered a serious security situation and roads have been closed in important places-linked to Al-Shabab and the former spy chief Mahad Salad

File Photo/Somali Times

There is a security threat in Mogadishu, and the Somali government has shown great vigilance in recent hours to prevent terrorist attacks from happening in the capital, sources from Somali spy agency told Somali Times security threat is link to former Somali spy chief Mahad Salad is member of Al-Shabab terrorist group, our sources add he recruits 400 Al-Shabab terrorist prisoner to spy agency.

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The number of police and security forces operating in Mogadishu has been increased, and the security has been strengthened in several places, including the hotels on Lido beach, the area of Aden Adde airport, the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other places from fear of attacks.

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The headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which is one of the places that are being warned that Al-Shabab will attack, has been handed over with stones and sandbags, and the security forces of the ministry have also been increased.

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Also, the fear of security that entered Mogadishu in the past hours has caused international flights to stop in the country, after the warning of the United States government.

The presidential area of Somalia is the most severe place where the security has been tightened like never before, yet last night it was hit by an unknown mortar, and in the capital Mogadishu there is the highest security alert that has been seen in recent times.

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Also, the guards of the embassies in the centre of Halane have been strengthened, to prevent the terrorist attacks that are being warned, as the warnings are being issued from Halane to the area of Aden Adde airport.

Since the attack on the SYL hotel, Mogadishu has entered into a state of security and vigilance that has never been seen before and the security forces have started, and traffic in the city has become difficult.

In some areas, stones have been placed to prevent possible attacks, some of the entrance gates to the Aden Adde airport have been cut with new stones, while increasing the forces that were already working there.

Also, some of the police-military forces that provide security in the capital have been sent outside the city, so that they can hunt the terrorists.