Somalia Roble conspiracy did not work of overthrowing Farmajo

Photo/Somali Times

Somalia, former prime minister Mohamed Roble sadness and conspiracy were planned by Said Deni, Ahmed Adobe did not work for the thieves. Sadness does not turn out the way they wanted. Said Deni, Ahmed Madobe and the presidential candidates are empowered by current president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

Anxiety, thoughts, anger, shock and sadness are evident. The account of their deeds did not come out, Farmajo and the nation have mistaken puppet Roble, who work for foreign actors according to Somali spy agency NISA told Somali Times.

The current Parliamentary elections will be concluded between 15 January and 25 February 2022. International community have told to puppet Mohamed Roble.

In order to maintain the co-operation of the Electoral Commissions, the National Consultative Assembly informs all the Electoral Commissions at all levels, to maintain law and order, and to act in accordance with established Electoral Agreements and procedures 17 September 2020 agreement.