Somalia Said Deni become the first president to be re-elected in Puntland

Puntland’s presidential election that started this morning in Garowe has just ended.

This election, which was very sensitive, has reached the third round, and there are two candidates, Said Deni and Dr. Guled Salah Barre.

Deni, who was re-elected again, received 45 votes, while his rival, Dr. Guled Salah Barre, received 21 votes, according to the official results of the chairman of the Puntland House of Representatives, Abdirahman Ahmed Said.

Said Deni became the first president to be re-elected in Puntland, since the establishment of the administration which has been 25 years old.

This eliminates the change that was expected to happen in Puntland, which was largely held by the federal government of Somalia.

Deni and his new deputy are faced with difficult tasks, first of all, the confusion between the central government stopping to choose people to elect their own leader one person one vote.

Also, the election of the second vice president is going on and there are 11 candidates who gave their speeches yesterday.

On the other hand, security has also been tightened, with a curfew imposed last night in Garowe, which will continue until the end of the election.

Puntland has been in a difficult situation for the last few days as a result of the controversy surrounding the election, which ended today, after Deni’s re-election.