Somalia shady president opens parliament to change federal constitution

Photo/Somali Times

The President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh officially opened the 4th Session of the two Houses of Parliament today.

President Hassan Sheikh gave a speech to the Assembly which was about the government’s fight against the Al-Shabab and himself and family for corruption.

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Hassan Sheikh said that it is time to withdraw the draft and complete the Federal Constitution of Somalia.

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The completion of the Constitution and the President’s plan is a big debate.

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Somalia Puntland administration called on both houses of parliament not to be involved in the change of constitutional amendment.

The Puntland administration has called on both houses of parliament of Somalia not to be part of the amendment of the constitution change of the Federal Government of Somalia.

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Puntland administration said that the leaders and institutions of the federal government do not have the power to change the system of the central government which is the shady President Hassan Sheikh and the Prime Minister and the structure of the government which is established in the constitution of the country.

The shady president on the other hand said that he hopes that the arms embargo will soon be lifted and also the end of the debt forgiveness project in Somalia.