Somalia’s airspace was declared safe and secure by the Civil Aviation Authority

The Somalia Civil Aviation Authority has issued a press release assuring the public and the airlines that use Somalia’s airspace that they are fully in control of the safety and security of flights.

The agency said that there is no security and safety threat in Somalia’s airspace, and that it follows international aviation regulations.

The Somali Civil Aviation Authority also said it is working closely with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and other regional and international partners to ensure smooth air flow.

The statement of the Civil Aviation Authority of Somalia comes after yesterday the Hargeisa administration said that there was a collision between planes belonging to Qatar and Ethiopia, after the Civil Aviation Authority of Somalia gave the wrong order to Qatar Airways.

A statement from the Hargeisa Aviation Authority said that at around 12:32 pm yesterday, the two planes collided after the Qatar Airways plane flying at 38,000ft was told by the guides in Mogadishu to climb to 40,000ft.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Somalia has recently said that it is taking measures to strengthen the security of Somalia’s airspace, saying that the government of Somaliland, which is pushed behind by foreign hands, is trying to oppose Somalia’s aviation laws.