Somalia’s corruption is widespread throughout the regime

File Photo Somali Times/Somalia President Hassan Sheikh

Somalia’s corruption virtually runs throughout Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud’s regime. From its judicial system, to public services, administration, police, tax and customs administration, legislation, natural resources, public procurement, and the civil society, the scourge remains unabated.

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Then in 15 May 2022, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, was re-elected as the country’s president despite being heavily criticized for massive corruption, restrictions on the media and abuse of power during his previous term in office 2012-2017.

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Somalia’s leaders are corrupted and they care less about the future of Somali people and most Somali politicians’ families live abroad in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Turkey. The money they looted has been deposited to foreign countries.

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Somalia President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud before he become president for the first time was a teacher and one of his wives used to sell petrol Km4 on the road in Mogadishu. Now Hassan and his family own properties in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Turkey, UAE and the EU. Hassan and his family are now multimillionaires according to sources Somali officials told Somali Times Hassan Sheikh’s net worth is over 1.2 billion US dollars since he returned to office 15 May 2022 increasing his wealth.

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The dissolution of key anti-corruption bodies and allegations of corruption and abuse of power against President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud have raised serious concerns, while economic and humanitarian conditions for Somalis continue to deteriorate.

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The rampant corruption not only burdens the Somali population with economic and social hardships but also poses a significant threat to the nation’s stability and security.

The unchecked misappropriation of funds hinders development and erodes public trust in government institutions.