Somalia’s Finance Minister launches job creation for youth

Mogadishu – Federal Government of Somalia today in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.Project marked a for job creation process can  internal development and the role of acres participate in  to implement projects has proved effective in the society.

Members of the Group  members of the federal and state government has equally unanimously that it should take part in the country’s development and the role of internal  create job  save migrants and joining groups terror .
Vice Chairman of the National Constituent Assembly addressed the work of the project, saying that the Audit Office is always ready to work with the Ministry of Development and Public Works.
Minister of Public Works said that it is important to take part in the job creation of the Youth.
The Minister of Finance of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H E  Abdirahman Duale Beyle, has opened this project very seriously about the project’s implementation.

“There is a need to increase the production of the country and job creation for the Somali people, to contribute to the development and the future of the country.