Somalia’s opposition candidates fears that Farmajo’s election prospects are too high

File Photo/Somali Times

According to information obtained by Somali Times, the opposition Union of Candidates has a strong belief that the newly elected parliamentarians will be overwhelmingly in favor of Farmajo, which Villa Somalia is working hard to achieve.

According to our sources, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has prepared a number of loyal individuals to join the new parliament, to elect the 10th President of Somalia.

Fear of the opposition grew after the five members of the Upper House elected in Baidoa on Monday, confirming Governor Lafta-Gareen’s commitment to fielding pro-Farmajo lawmakers.

The South West Administration will be elected by a majority of the Somali parliament, which has a combined 77-member Lower House and Upper House. Mr Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is expected to have the majority of lawmakers in the South West, in addition to the Dir, Benadir and sub-clans. He is also expected to intervene in Galmudug and HirShabelle.

Some of the most influential presidential candidates are said to have agreed that each candidate should protect his or her clan seat, so as not to hand over to Farmajo.

Candidates also agreed to have at least a good member of the 11th parliament of the Somali government, to reduce Mohamed Farmajo’s hopes.

Various sources say part of their agreement is to first focus on having members of parliament and the presidency, so that if Farmajo wins again they can file a motion or put pressure on parliament.

The opposition’s hope is to emphasize that Farmajo will have no influence over lawmakers from Galmudug and HirShabelle, as they have no concerns about Jubaland and Puntland.

However, if Qoor Qoor and Gudlawe are similar to Lafta-Gareen or close to it, it will continue to be a major disappointment for the opposition. In the country’s political arena, there is a strong sense among political observers that Farmajo is running for re-election.

These efforts were made by his predecessor, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, although things did not turn out as expected in 2017, when Hassan Sheikh was defeated.

Since Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo came to power on February 2017 he and former prime minister Hassan Khaire what they introduced into Somali politics is more social media bribes on Facebook, Somali people living in Europe, Canada, US, Australia and Africa. Also outlet media are being paid bribes livestream Facebook. To promote Farmajo’s propaganda.

This is the achievement of Farmajo and his team which is a unpleasant for Somalia to re-elect Farmajo.