Somalia’s President Mohamed due to attend governor ceremony in Puntland region

Mogadishu, Since President Mohamed took power Somalia is improving for better Somalian Puntland new governor ceremony will improve in co-operation,

The president of the Federal government of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed is heading to Garowe for the ceremony of the newly elected governor of Puntland, Said Abdullahi Deni which is to take place in Garowe on Saturday night. Also in attendance will be the representatives of the international community including United nations mission office for Somalia UNSOM, IGAD and members of the diplomatic core.

Fair election comes out new governor, to review Bosaso port contract manage by the United Arab Emirates hopefully Jan 2019 new governor will terminate Dp world Bosaso port and manage Puntland people, Salary Puntland Civil servant Military Police Officials never received, any payment whatsoever since December 2016, the failure of greedy Abdiweli Gas new governor says he will fight corruption. Change is needed equal opportunity,