Somalia’s Puntland Governor Said Deni accused by traditional elders of rigging the lower house elections

File Photo/Somali Times

Traditional elders in Puntland’s region have accused Puntland Governor Said Deni of indiscriminately looting the role of clans in the upper and lower house elections. At a meeting of elders in Bosaso, Galkayo they said they would not accept the government’s choice of the next lower house election, and sent a message to the prime minister Roble to stop greedy Said Deni.

“Today it is said that the elders have no role, the civil society is selective, the security is investigated, they have 20%, and then the government has the power to decide who it wants to produce and who it does not want to exclude. Is that possible? We will not be left in the lurch,” said Yassin Abdi Samad, the former mayor of Galkayo.

Elders said they agreed that the election of the members of the lower chamber from entering the central region of Mudug held, to prevent what they called ‘uncertainty’ about whether a similar choice.

The elders supported an earlier ruling by the federal election commission, saying it protected the role of traditional elders in lower house elections.

Finally, the elders called on the Prime Minister of Somalia to change the electoral process and restore the status.

Puntland Governor Said Deni stole more than 50 million dollars since he came to Governor of Puntland according to Somali officials Said Deni is puppet of Kenya and United Arab Emirates.