Somaliland: Parliament to Investigate Suspect Corruption in Failed Hargeisa Water Expansion Project

Despite being availed millions of dollars the Hargeisa Water Expansion Project has failed miserably.
Accordingly citizens of the Somaliland capital city Hargeisa continue to suffer from scarcity of safe, clean and sufficient water.
This is per chairman of the Social services parliamentary committee MP Abdirahman Osman Alin ‘Abdirahman Dheere’ during a briefing with Somnews TV in Hargeisa.

“We at the legislature shall not rest until we unearth reasons behind failure of the multi-million dollar project” said MP Abdirahman Dhere
The MP was reacting to recent queries raised over the Water Expansion Project not coming to fruition though multiple donors have chipped in $157m.
Among donors to the project include German development Bank  EU, World Bank, DFID, GIZ, UN Habitat, embassies of the Germany and Netherlands.
While pledging expedited action The legislator said that current and past officials charged with implementing the project shall be summoned to answer various questions related to failure and whereabouts of the large amount of monies.
“Whoever is found to be responsible for corrupt acts shall not be spared the full wrath of law Committed MP Abdirahman Dheere.
In a nutshell what the legislature is now pursuing is first revival of the Water Expansion Project and prosecution of any present or past official deemed to have dipped his/her hands into the till