Somaliland seeks recognition from Gambia

The Gambian Foreign Minister Mamadou Tangara.

The Gambian Foreign Minister has strongly condemned MPs who want to campaign for Somaliland’s recognition, saying they have no knowledge of the politics and the situation in Somalia.

Somaliland that has been the unsuccessful was to find a country of Acceptance appears to change the way they approach and to recognize the world’s effort to approach politicians and parliamentarians from West African countries, the majority no information on the situation in Somalia.

President Muse Bihi was on a trip to the Republic of Guinea last year. The trip is said to have worked with businessmen from Somaliland. Gambia, which is also a small country in western Africa and borders Senegal, appears to have reached Somaliland’s campaign for recognition, not far from the country that Muse Bihi visited in Guinea last year. Several members of the House of Representatives have tried to bring Parliament to the country for questioning whether their country is recognized by Somaliland. Momodou Tangara said.

The Gambian Foreign Minister Tangara expressed surprise that the MPs, who have no knowledge of the situation in Somalia, are involved in sensitive matters that he said is unified. For the first time, these MPs should read the history of Somalia and discuss the situation in Somalia before intervening on sensitive issues that you have no information about, ”Foreign Minister Momodou Tangara said in response to questions.” MPs.

The Somaliland-linked lawmakers are part of the United Democratic Party (UDP), which has previously tried to campaign for Taiwan’s recognition.

The Gambian Foreign Minister reminded the MPs that they had previously posed a threat to the Gambia after they had also lobbied Taiwan for recognition, saying it had put their country under political control.

The international community and the African Union recognize only one government in Somalia and that is the Federal Government of Somalia…” the minister advised MPs to withdraw from the process, according to local media. It is worth noting that last year’s Muse Bihi’s trip to Guinea coincided with the July, Independence Day celebrations in Somalia, which has apparently benefited Somaliland from bringing its case back to most West African countries. speak French who do not know much about the situation in Somalia.