Somali’s President Attends The African Economic forum In Egypt.

The Africa economic development planning, interaction and investment forum of African countries opened at Sharma-sheikh in Egypt.

Somali Federal Government Delegation led by H.E President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo will contribute a good idea according to the economic opportunities in Somalia.The president and his delegation has been well received in Sharma-sheikh with Somali Embassy diplomats and top officials from Egypt Government.

president Farmajo accompanied by government officials as well the timeline of the forum is agreed to be three days dialogue, which will be discussed on African Economic development affairs Deeply.Many African leaders attend the forum on 2017 and suggest their speech in Sharma-sheikh.

During this timeline of the conference, the president of Somalia Federal Government Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo will have variety meetings with other leaders to consult about durable relationship between Somalia and other countries especially investment and economic development.