Son of Uganda’s president says to stand for leadership in 2026

File Photo: Lt. General Kainerugaba attends his birthday party in Entebbe

By Reuters

The son of Uganda’s aging leader, Yoweri Museveni, has said he intends to stand for the presidency in 2026, the first time the outspoken general has given a timeline for replacing his father, who has ruled the east African country for 37 years.

Uganda’s opposition has long accused Museveni of seeking to impose a monarchy on Uganda and claimed he was grooming his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba to take over from him. Museveni has denied such accusations. Currently a special presidential advisor for special operations, the 48 year-old general is known for firing off controversial tweets that have earned him reprimands from his father.

Kainerugaba quickly deleted the messages about his presidential aspirations, which he had posted to Twitter late on Wednesday.

“You have wanted me to say it forever! Okay, in the name of Jesus Christ my God, in the name of all the young people of Uganda and the world and in the name of our great revolution, I will stand for the Presidency in 2026,” Kainerugaba wrote.

In another tweet, he expressed his impatience at waiting so long to replace his father.

“The Prime Minister of UK is 42 years old, the Prime Minister of Finland is 37 years. Some of us are hitting 50 years old. We are tired of waiting forever,” he said.

Kainerugaba previously served as commander of land forces but was removed from that position after threatening to invade neighbouring Kenya, which he later said was a joke.

Museveni not yet said whether he intends to stand again in 2026, although his supporters have encouraged him to do so.