Parliamentary Speaker promises the parliamentary right to parliamentary

“Thank you very much, it is a great honor for me tonight that we will spend the same time and spend the rest, really doing this important job in this country, working hard and thanking you for the role of the parliament “He said.
“We will keep your meetings and listen to your suggestions, and assure you that we will not have the rights and respect of the civilian population,” said Mr Mohamed Mursal, the president.

The meeting discussed some of the 8th and 9th Parliamentary Meetings and thanked the governor for his weekly meeting.
He also encouraged the governor to double his efforts, and to safeguard the independence of the people.
The chairman of the parliamentary 8th and 9th parliamentarians is part of the introductory meetings, interviews and consultations with different sections of society, politicians and representatives of the international community in Mogadishu.
The meeting was attended by the members of the House of Representatives Hon. Mohammed Abdullahi Hassan “Nuh” and the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mr. Abdikarin Haji Abdi “Buux”.