Sudan discovers new Bashir era mass graves

Investigation to track possible killing, burial of those reported missing Sudanese General Prosecutor Taj Alsir Alhibir said Wednesday that authorities discovered new mass graves during the course of investigations.

No further details were disclosed.

The Office of the General Prosecutor said in a statement that an investigation committee formed by the General Attorney found strong evidence of mass graves of those killed and buried illegally, but did not disclose the number of bodies.

“After tireless efforts by an investigation committee formed by the general attorney and according to evidence the committee found, we can confirm that the evidence indicates that mass graves exist in specific areas of missing people that were killed and buried illegally” according to the statement.

“The committee will forbid anyway from coming around these suspected areas and confirmed the investigation has continued with the morgues to understand the circumstances of killing of those people as well as the investigation with DNA to identify the killed people,” it said.

The committee said it will continue an investigation into missing people since the beginning of nationwide protests in December 2018. Dozens of protesters went missing after a June 3, 2019 massacre in front of army headquarters in Khartoum following the ouster of long-time ruler Omar al-Bashir.

Sudan discovered two mass graves filled with army officers accused of plotting a military coup in 1990 against al-Bashir and another with military students in 1998.

Source: Anadolu Agency