Suicide bomber strikes Turkish engineers outside Mogadishu

File Photo/Somali Times

The suicide bombing on the road took place between Mogadishu and Afgoye, where Turkish engineers and other workers are building. The blast, which was carried out by a suicide bomber, took place between Lafole and Hawa Abdi, killing and injuring several people.

Reports say that the blast targeted Turkish engineers who are constructing the road and the police forces on the road.

Local sources told Somali Times that the suspect was shot by security forces, but exploded as he approached. Preliminary reports also say that at least one soldier was killed and one Turkish engineer was injured in the blast. The situation is now tense, with other Somali government forces arriving at the scene.

However, this is not the first time an explosion has targeted construction workers and engineers on the road between Mogadishu and Afgoye.