The international community should stop giving weapons to Somalia President Hassan Sheikh, who is using live ammunition to attack the Bantu community protesters

File Photo Somali Times/Somalia President Hassan Sheikh and his henchman spy chief Mahad Salad

The international community should stop giving weapons to Somalia President Hassan Sheikh using live ammunition on the protestors Bantu community.

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The Bantu community in Somalia has been discriminated for centuries because they are a minority compared to other communities.

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A federal Somali lawmaker, Abdirahman Abdishakur Warsame, has strongly condemned the government’s use of violent response against demonstrators protesting the arrest of a military officer, as members of the security forces used live ammunition on protests in Mogadishu on Sunday.

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Somali MP Abdirahman Warsame criticized the manner in which Somali government forces captured Genaral Shegow Ahmed Ali on Saturday, describing it as a deviation from established governmental protocols. He emphasized that Shegow was a military officer, necessitating a court order for his arrest.

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Uneducated Somali spy chief Mahad Salad ordered his own militia clan to shoot using Somali National Army uniforms shooting protesters live ammunition on the Somalia minority Bantu community.