The Kismayo town civil war started people fed up administration

No one knows people died, Including a tribal elder died during a street battle which involved in mortar shelling in the centre of the town, 500km west of the Somali capital. Security forces said they were pursuing violent elements that attacked the troops.

The two sides used mortars and machine guns, residents said, as the sound of gunfire rattled throughout the city which has experienced a period of calm since Kenyan and Somali forces loyal to the Kenyan-backed regional Ahmed Madobe seized the town from the Al-Qaeda linked al-Shabab group in 2012.

According to local, the clashes started after Jubbaland, the regional administration in charge of the town issued a new decree banning illegal arms in the town, an order opposed by some armed clans in the town that resisted it, leading to clashes with the security forces.