The latest: Death toll rises to 95 as people still missing following Mogadishu truck bomb attack

Photo/Somali Times

Somali government has revealed 25 people are still missing following a deadly truck bombing in the outskirts of the capital Mogadishu.

The latest report Villa Somalia Monday morning the number of those missing following the Ex-Control truck bombing stands. According to official government figures from hospitals Sunday, 137 people were admitted to various hospitals, while 33 others were set for referrals as they required specialized treatment. The Turkish government airlifted 16 of the injured to four hospitals in Ankara.

Mogadishu Mayor Omar Filish told reports the truck was heading to the city, but was blocked by security forces.

Police Commissioner Gen. Abdi Hijar was forced to make a public response Saturday after he was caught on tape telling Mogadishu Mayor Omar Filish not to disclose the casualty figures of the truck bombing in Ex-Control area. A video clip which captures Gen. Hijaar telling the mayor not to mention the casualties went viral on social media minutes after the interview. Somalis online social media questioned the intention of the police chief with many accusing him of trying to conceal information about the incident.

The mayor went on to announce that 90 people had been injured but did not mention the number of the dead. He instead said “We will update you on the official figures later.” In his response hours later following public outcry, General Hijaar said he was misunderstood. “It was impossible to give the exact figure of the casualties so we wanted to wait until we have visited the hospitals,” the police chief said.