The latest: Farmajo fires in-law of a Danab Brigade Commander, Colonel Ismail Abdimalik.

Danab Commander fired, imprisoned and a new one is appointed.

Brigade Commander of 16 commandos , Colonel Ismail Abdimalik formally Farmajo ousted the office. Danab Brigade Commander. The ousted commander had previously been on strike, reported at the time for political reasons, and was in custody of the Ministry of Defense. The commander’s arrest has angered the United States, a close ally, with recent warnings of his arrest.

The new commander of the Danab Commandos is Major Ahmed Abdullahi Nur (Beer-yare), who previously held various positions in the Somali Military. In 2013, the new commander, Major Beryare, joined the newly formed Danab Commando Force and held various positions such as Group Commander, Commander Hurin, Logistics Commander, and received military training in Uganda, Ethiopia. , Turkey and the United States.

Although fully clear why work stopped commander Ismail, when he took office, then it’s going to go into a series of self-daylight strong.

These reforms seem to be out of the youth leaders in the Armed Forces ‘non-guaranteed’, during a transitional period, which he took command of the country. Colonel Ismail is also considered a close ally of former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire, who is from the same community, although the commander is said to have nothing to do with tribalism or alliances.