The latest: Somali special forces killed 75 Al-Shabab terrorists

Photo/Somali Times

Colonel Ali Hashi, a spokesman for the Somali National Army, said in an interview with outlet media that they had killed more than 75 Al-Shabab militants and that they achieved significant victories.

“The troops fought in many areas and inflicted heavy casualties on Al-Shabab terrorists. The fighting took place in Warta Jilable which has now become a place where their blood is covered by the waters of Warta,” said Colonel Ali Hashi.

The spokesman said, ‘‘The army had liberated several villages began to pool Jilaable shelters made, there’s decapitated victims, adding that the army had full control of the attack.” Colonel Ali Hashi said that they will share with the media the real casualties inflicted on Al-Shabaab militants, as the troops engaged in security operations.