The recently discredited Cabinet meeting approved members of the Federal Technical Committee to consider proposals for the type of elections to be held in the country.

Photo/Somali Times

Somali Federal Government poses another challenge to Dhusamareb conference 3

Article 5 of the Dhusamareb II communiqué, which was attended by heads of state and government, announced the formation of a technical committee to consider the type of elections to be held in the country. The government, which was expected to nominate its members after international pressure, went in the opposite direction, saying instead that the commission would consist of 16 members, six from the federal government and the Benadir region, while 10 other members of the State Governments who each nominate two members.

The Federal Government nominates the Benadir Regional Administration, not the Regional Government, and does not attend the Dhusamareb 1 and 2 conferences.

At the Dhusamareb 2 conference, it was agreed that the committee would consist of 13 members and that the Federal Government would be divided equally with 3 members while the regional governments would have two members each. And it is an obstacle for the government to withdraw from the provisions of the Dhusamareb 2 agreement which could lead to the collapse of the conference scheduled for August 15.

The regional governments of Puntland, Jubaland, Hir Shabelle and Southwest have already nominated the members of the commission, with 2 members each. It is believed that the Federal Government is disloyal to the Dhusamareb conference, which is why Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire was ousted, much to the chagrin of the Federal Government.

International community recently called on the two immediately appoint a Federal Technical Committee to the Federal Government.