The Somali President offers condolences on the demise of former Mogadishu mayor Eng. Osman

Photo/Somali Times

Mogadishu, The president of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has sent condolences to the family and friend of the late mayor of Mogadishu and to the Somali public in general. The body of the former mayor is expected to arrive in Mogadishu today on 3rd August 2019 accompanied by family members and the Somali ambassador to Qatar,

I offer my sincere condolence to the family, friends and the public for sudden death of Mogadishu Mayor. The late Eng Osman took a great part in the rebuilding of Somalia, he served at various ranks and with different regimes inputting his expertise. He was a devoted citizen serving selflessly the citizens of this country most of his time. He will be remembered for his open patriotism and his firm position on good governance, he will also be remembered for the fight against terrorism which he fearlessly campaigned”

The president has declared 3 days of morning and the flag will be flown half-mast to honor the memory of the former Mogadishu mayor. The president prays for all the victims of violent actions perpetrated by a group of individuals who wants us to lose faith and stop believing in ourselves, the president has advised the public and remain united and have faith in this trying moments.