The term of the Somali Parliament ends today

Photo/Somali Times

The four-year constitutional term of the Somali parliament has finally ended today, December 27, 2020.

Debate and controversy over the overall election process have led to the arrival of no other parliament to replace the now-defunct 10th parliament.

The end of term will change the course of the country and raise a number of questions, the biggest of which is,”Who will change once the term of Parliament has expired?”

But the answer to that question seems to have already been answered by the Speaker of the House of the People of Somalia Mohamed Mursal Sheikh Abdirahman who said that the 10th Parliament will continue to function until it is replaced by an elected Parliament.

The Federal Electoral Commission has said in a statement that it will complete all elections to both houses of parliament by early 2021, but that is not yet clear and some state leaders have already submitted their list of candidates for the upper house against the electoral process.

The term of this parliament has also come to an end as they are still facing the implementation of important agendas submitted by the government.

The international community, which has been paying close attention to the issue, has repeatedly said that a consensus election is needed, and that this is now at least a matter for the central and regional governments to reach an agreement.

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo also has 43 days left and no consensus election has yet been directed for the country.

When the president steps down, it is feared that the country will be in a dangerous situation, as the opposition will no longer recognize Farmajo and will challenge him for everything.