Turkey Send Troops To Qatar Base

The Turkish government has said that its recent air and naval forces will reach Qatar, where they have formed a military base.
Turkey and Qatar signed a military co-operation agreement in 2014, and a series of Turkish troops from the Turkish Army in Qatar arrived in 2015.

The Turkish embassy in Doha has said it could be able to carry over 5,000 troops, although it is still unclear when it will reach the air and sea ports that will be sent to Turkey in Qatar.
Turkey’s ambassador to Qatar Fikret Ozer said the Turkish government will not immediately announce the date when the troops arrive at Doha.

Turkey’s military operation in Qatar is already a concern for the Gulf countries that ban the country. Doxa Turkey’s main office is Turkey’s first in the Arabian Peninsula.
Turkey is also based in the country in December last year an agreement with the government of Sudan to be based on an island in the Red Sea and Suakin, the agreement significantly  condemned Saudi Arabia.