Turkish First Lady meets MPs, Somali diaspora in London

Multiculturalism, refugee crisis, Somali’s future discussed during Emine Erdogan’s meetings

Turkish First Lady Emine Erdogan met with representatives of the Global Somali Diaspora Organization and members of the U.K. parliament Wednesday following a NATO summit in London, the Turkish Presidency said in a statement.

Erdogan met with members of the House of Lords, Conservative Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and Liberal Democrat Lord Qurban Hussain as well as Labour member of parliament Yasmin Qureshi and shadow minister Naz Shah at the Turkish embassy in London. Multiculturalism and the refugee crisis were discussed during the meeting.

Erdogan said Turkey gives the best answer to rising xenophobia worldwide by hosting the most refugees in the world. During her meeting with the representatives of the Global Somali Diaspora Organization, Somalia’s future was discussed. Praising Turkey’s support for Somalia’s development, Erdogan said Turkey aims to make Somalia a country that can stand on its own feet.

“We talked about the future of the sister country Somalia. It is very important that the young Somalian people in the diaspora be sensitive to the problems of their country,” Erdogan said early Thursday on Twitter.

Emine Erdogan arrived Tuesday in London to accompany Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the NATO summit, which marked the organization’s 70th anniversary.

Source: Anadolu Agency