Uhuru Kenyatta tells puppet Ahmed Madobe not hold elections-sources say

File Photo/Somali Times

Uhuru Kenyatta tells puppet Ahmed Madobe not hold elections Somalia in Jubaland-sources say.

The delayed Somalia elections are facing foreign intervention Uhuru Kenyatta and his gangs meddeling the election over the federal parliamentary election in Garbaharay, Gedo region of Jubaland, demanding the election centre be moved to the federal state, Kismayu. According to Kenyan officials told Somali Times.

Uhuru Kenyatta backed puppet Ahmed Madobe, Kenya of meddling Somalia’s domestic politics.

The Somalia elections were supposed to be held on February 25 2022 but were for the umpteenth time postponed, this time to March 15.

In the indirect system, delegates are supposed to vote for 275 MPs for the Lower House while state legislatures elect senators for the Upper House, a process that has now been completed. Once the Lower House election is concluded, the two assemblies will vote for the next president.

However, the Lower House elections are yet to be concluded, as only 175 members have been elected. The new extension was to allow the remaining MPs to be elected.

In the federal parliamentary elections, each regional state has two polling stations to balance clan representation.