Uhuru and Railla Odinga reached an early agreement

Nairobi – Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga held a meeting in Nairobi, capital of Kenya, in which his plan was to co-ordinate a political settlement between the two sides. .
The meeting at the Harambee House in Nairobi’s capital, Nairobi, is jointly co-ordinated with the best possible political development, with a focus on the two parties.
Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga have spoken with the media after their first meeting since the election in Kenya, and the opposition leader expects Uhuru to be the country’s leader.

Mr Odinga was sworn in at the head of Kenya’s president earlier this year and dismissed Uhuru Kenyatta, winning the election.
The two leaders have already begun counting their meeting, but the move is expected to push the United States back in the wider region of Kenya.
Meanwhile, US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is expected to visit Kenya today at the Kenyan capital Nairobi, with the aim of completing this preliminary agreement.
Mr Kenyatta said: “We are starting a process to discuss where our problem is and how to distribute it, while Railla Odinga said it is time to resolve the gap between the two parties.