UK PM Sunak’s election announcement

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak delivers a speech calling for a general election, outside Number 10 Downing Street, in London, Britain, May 22, 2024. Photographer Hollie Adams

By Reuters

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called a national election on Wednesday, naming July 4 as the date for a vote his governing Conservatives are widely expected to lose to the opposition Labour Party after 14 years in power.

Below are key quotes from his announcement:


“In the last five years our country has fought through the most challenging times since the Second World War.”

“When I introduced the furlough scheme, I did so not because I saw a country simply in need of desperate help, albeit we were, but because I saw a country whose future hung in the balance.”

“I have never, and will never, leave the people of this country to face the darkest of days alone. And you know that, because you’ve seen it.

“As I did then, I will forever, do everything in my power to provide you with the strongest protection I possibly can. That is my promise to you.


“I came to office, above all, to restore economic stability. Economic stability is the bedrock of any future success. Whether that is rising wages and good jobs, investment in our public services, or the defence of our country.

“And because of our collective sacrifice and your hard work, we have reached two major milestones in delivering that stability. Showing that when we work together, anything is possible.

“Our economy is now growing faster than anyone predicted, outpacing Germany, France and the United States. And this morning, it was confirmed that inflation is back to normal.”

“This is proof that the plan and priorities I set out are working.”


“This hard-earned economic stability was only ever meant to be the beginning. The question now is how and who do you trust to turn that foundation into a secure future for you, your family and our country.

“Now is the moment for Britain to choose its future. To decide whether we want to build on the progress we have made or risk going back to square one with no plan and no certainty.

“Earlier today I spoke with His Majesty the King to request the dissolution of parliament. The King has granted this request, and we will have a general election on the 4th July.”


“This election will take place at a time when the world is more dangerous than it has been since the end of the Cold War.

“Putin’s Russia is waging a brutal war in Ukraine; and will not stop there if he succeeds. That war has also made all too clear the risks to our energy security.

“In the Middle East, the forces of Islamist extremism threaten regional and, ultimately, global stability. These tensions are exploited by extremists who seek to undermine our values and divide our society here at home.

“China is seeking to dominate the 21st century by stealing a lead in technology and migration is being weaponised by hostile states to threaten the integrity of our borders.”


“These uncertain times call for a clear plan and bold action to chart a course to a secure future.”

“You must choose in this election who has that plan, who is prepared to take that bold action to secure a better future for our country and our children. I cannot, and will not, claim that we have got everything right, no government should.

“But I am proud of what we have achieved together, the bold action we have taken and confident about what we can do in the future.”

“I hope that my work since I became prime minister shows that we have a plan and are prepared to take the bold action necessary for our country to flourish.

“I have stuck with that plan and always been honest with you about what is needed even when that’s been difficult. Because I am guided by doing what is right for the country, not what is easy.

“I cannot say the same thing for the Labour party because I don’t know what they offer. And in truth, I don’t think you know either. And that’s because they have no plan. There is no bold action. And as a result, the future can only be uncertain with them.”

“Over the next few weeks, I will fight for every vote, I will earn your trust, and I will prove to you that only a Conservative government, led by me, will not put our hard-earned economic stability at risk, can restore pride and confidence in our country, and with a clear plan and bold action will deliver a secure future for you, your family and our United Kingdom.”