Villa Somalia supports the Ethiopian civil war

Photo/Somali Times

According to sources told Somali Times Villa Somalia has confirmed that President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has expressed support for the Ethiopian federal government’s operation in the Tigray region. The president met with Ethiopian national security adviser Gedu Andargachew at the presidential palace yesterday, according to a statement from the Ethiopian foreign ministry.

Meanwhile, Ethiopian Ambassador to Somalia Jamaludin Mustafa took to Twitter to express his support for the operation in the Tigray region. Somali Times Speaking to senior officials at Villa Somalia, confirmed that it was correct that the president had supported the operation, at the request of the Ethiopian government.

“Ethiopia has been asked, for support or something, that today Ethiopia is asking for support from Somalia, it shows the growth of our country’s foreign policy and alliances in the Horn of Africa,” the officials told Somali Times.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed have been very close since Abiy took office in April 2018, and the two countries and Eritrea have formed a tripartite alliance, although little is known about his true intentions.