A suicide bomber blew himself up at the Lul Yameni restaurant in Mogadishu

Photo/Somali Times

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a restaurant called Luul Yemeni, one of the country’s most popular restaurants. Preliminary reports says the blast was carried out by a suicide bomber who blew himself up at a restaurant. The restaurant was reportedly overcrowded at the time of the blast.

According to Police spokesman Major Sadiq Aden told Somali Times that the blast was a suicide bomber who detonated his explosives at a restaurant in Lul Yemani. there were various casualties at the restaurant, and there were deaths and injuries, although no official figures have been released.

“A suicide bomber blew himself up at the Lul Yamani restaurant in the Hamar Jajab district, and we will keep you informed of any developments,” said police spokesman Major Sadiq Adan. The casualties of the blast at the Lul Yamani restaurant are not yet known, and some reports say that there are various casualties among the people who were there.

A large contingent of government police officers were at the scene of the blast, blocking the road and conducting various investigations.

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Five people, including two security guards are reported dead after a suicide bomb ripped through a popular restaurant in Mogadishu on Monday. Police said a suicide bomber detonated a bomb after he was forced to stop as he tried to gain entry into Luul Yemani restaurant which is popular with government officials.

The restaurant is believed to be frequented by government security forces. The attacker declined to stop and instead detonated his suicide vest leading to the casualties, police said. The attack comes barely a month after another attack targeting the revenue office of the port which killed at least five people.