A suicide bomber detonated a Car explosive-Hodan district headquarters

The Hodan District headquarters has been hit by a series of Suicide bomber detonated a Car explosives grenade and gun attacks since it was officially unilaterally declared as the death and injury suffered by the blast. Six people were killed and another 16 injured when a car bomb exploded outside a local government office in Mogadishu on Monday, Somali officials and rescue workers said.

Completely collapsed buildings in the centre, as well as ongoing strength in the wall of a mosque in the centre of the explosion hit. That a mosque near the capital centre to collapse in a strong, collapsed buildings and other commercial facilities in the centre of the explosion of gunfire attack.

Many federal government troops arrived at the scene of an explosion and closed all the roads leading into Hodan district. Police officers and officials from the Banadir Regional Administration office in Hodan district are investigating the loss of the death and injury. Al Shabaab claims to kill Somali’s