Somalia Galmudug leader says, “I will present the evidence of the people behind clan war

File Photo/Somali Times

The president of Galmudug administration, Ahmed Abdi Karie said yesterday afternoon held a meeting with the elders and intellectuals of the Marehan and Dir clans, which last Saturday had a fight that killed almost 100 people.

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President Karie called for a peaceful solution to the conflict between the two sides, which he said is located in the city of Dhusamareb, the capital of Galmudug administration, and urged both sides to make lasting peace to avoid repeated conflicts.

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“We want to be prepared for the decision we have taken together, and the with them so that peace can be established.” “Peace has many enemies, we want each side to be strong enough for it, and it will not be watered down, and the end will be for us so that the disputes, concerns and problems that have happened can be put together,” said President Karie.

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He also pointed out to President Karie that the war that happened was not accidental and was behind politicians who were looking for political interests.

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“We all know what happened and it is something that is understood and it is not just something that happened, something was being worked on and an opportunity was being sought for political interests and it is not coming out of nowhere. The people who showed their opinion like that and “They are the ones who want to be safe from God and to be careful,” said the president of Galmudug.

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The President of Galmudug described it as a great tragedy that Somali people die in a wild place with nothing to do, saying that the security agencies have evidence related to those who worked in the crisis, fuelled the conflict and paid the money that will be presented.

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“The investigation agencies have all the things that happened, and many of the evidences of the things that happened are with the people who worked on it, fuelled the conflict, and paid for it. Their evidence is kept, and we will present it at the right time, God willing. said. The security agencies will show up, and they will not be left behind,” said Galmudug President Ahmed Karie.

The statement of the president of Galmudug comes as the areas of that administration have returned to the clan wars between some of the communities living in the areas of that administration who are fighting each other due to the ownership of grazing land.