A suicide bomber in Afrik Hotel killed General Mohamed Nur Galaal in Mogadishu

Photo/Somali Times

Somali Times reports said that General Mohamed Nur Galaal was killed in the ongoing attack of the Afrik Hotel in Mogadishu.

The officer was among those inside the hotel this afternoon when a heavily armed Al-Shabaab group entered, still fighting inside the hotel. Among the politicians who have already spoken out about the killing of General Galaal is MP Mahad Salad who wrote on his Facebook page, ‘May God have mercy on Gen. Mohamed Nur Galaal. Give patience and faith to your family and friends. Amen.’

The deaths of General Galaal, the hotel’s security chief, a hotel security guard, businessman Abdullahi Nur Siyad (brother of politician Abdi Nur Siyad (Abdi Wal) and the wounding of a young man, Abdikarin Gobale, have been confirmed so far.

The Al-Shabaab attackers are still fighting inside the hotel, and the operation to end the operation has been taken over by specially trained police, but has not yet been defeated. Dozens of people have been rescued from the hotel since the attack began, and the exact number of casualties is still unknown.