Ahmed Madobe and Deni allies with Uhuru Kenyatta instead of President Farmajo

File Photo/Somali Times

The Jubaland president said there was a lot of controversy over the Gedo region, especially the Garbaharre district administration, which are one of the areas scheduled for the Somali parliamentary elections.

President Ahmed Madobe, who spoke at length about the challenges facing Jubaland said that he attended the summit with the aim of resolving the dispute over the holding of elections in the country, as well as fighting in the Gedo region.

According to Somali National Army Officials which told Somali Times that Ahmed Madobe forgot about Jubaland which is part of Somalia and the Somali National Army protecting Somali people against a Kenyan invasion killing Somali children, women and elders. The Kenyans are shelling Somali people daily by forces and militia supported by them.

Ahmed Madobe said that during the conference, there was a heated debate on three issues, namely the issue of the Gedo region.

According to Kenyan officials that told Somali Times Ahmed Madobe and Said Deni has been instructed by Uhuru Kenyatta’s office that the Gedo region is most strategic for the Kenyan forces to control.

Ahmed Madobe has accused President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo of not being ready to resolve the issue of Gedo region, saying that President Farmajo refused hand over Jubaland to the Gedo regional administration and Kenyan forces which means that Ahmed Madobe and Said Deni work for the Kenyan Government and other foreign actors.

“President Farmajo has consolidated the claim of one district and one region with seats, and has refused to hand over the Gedo administration to us, thus failing the conference,” said President Ahmed Madobe, who expressed regret over the fighting in the Beled-Hawo district.