Ahmed Madobe is servant of Uhuru Kenyatta

Somali Kenyan puppet Ahmed Madobe

Ahmed Madobe is servant of Uhuru Kenyatta and accused Somalia President Mohamed Farmajo of planning to deploy foreign troops.

This comes barely three days after reports of a closed door security meeting in Dolow centre by Ethiopian top security team led by Gen Tashuma Ayelo, Somalia MP and representative of President Mohamed Farmajo Abdullahi Kulane Jiis and the head of Ethiopia Somali regional Liyuu police commander Mohamed Ahmed Haji. according to Kenyan puppet Ahmed Madobe.

The Kenyan puppet Ahmed Madobe has accused President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo of plotting to divide seats in Gedo, saying that will never happen.

The statement from the Kenyan puppet comes as federal and state electoral commissions remain at odds over how to conduct the 16-seat election in the second constituency of the Jubaland administration in the town of Garbaharey in the Gedo region.

Ahmed Madobe have been working for Kenyan intelligence and Uhuru Kenyatta gang for over 20 years. He is a puppet for UAE according to sources.