Somalia’s president warns the aggressor Ethiopia prime minister Abiy Ahmed

Photo Somali Times/President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh

The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, who delivered a critical speech in Parliament today, spoke strongly about the agreement signed yesterday in Addis Ababa by SNM militia leader based in Hargeisa northern Somalia  Muse Bihi and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

President Hassan said that there is no one who has the power to take territorial waters of Somalia, as he pointed out that there is nothing in the agreement reached yesterday in Addis Ababa.

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“Someone who has the power to take territorial waters of Somalia for our ancestors and our fathers has refused and we have refused as long as we live. What happened in Addis Ababa on January 1, 2024 cannot be enforced in any way,” said President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud.

Somalis are together on this issue whatever political differences they are.

He also warned Abiy Ahmed about the agreement he entered into with warlord Muse Bihi, “No matter whether there is a federal government or a regional government, there is no one in Somalia who can give you support, so don’t bother Somalia.”

He added, “Somalia belongs to the Somalis and we will die for it and we will defend it.”

President Hassan Sheikh who also spoke about the recognition that Hargeisa claimed to exchange for maritime territory, said that Ethiopia cannot give international recognition.

“Brothers, Ethiopia does not have an identity, we will give you an identity if you say that there is no identity,” said President Hassan Sheikh, who stood firmly against for Ethiopia to get maritime territory from Somalia.

However, the federal government of Somalia has rejected the Addis Ababa agreement between Muse Bihi and Abiy Ahmed, calling its ambassador to Ethiopia and saying there is nothing in the agreement.