Armed groups killed two clan leaders in Afgoye and Kismayo

Photo/ Somali Times/Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim, Haji Said Isse Abdi,

Kismayo, The killings in the two towns of Afgoye and Kismayo targeted by the local Armed groups forces have been carried out by gunmen. Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim, assassinated in Afgoye town, In another attack last night in the port city of Kismayo, the assassination of Haji Said Isse Abdi, the assailants were said to have been waiting in the area not far from the mosque where he prayed.

Abdinur Ibrahim, security spokesman for Jubaland, said the killings are still ongoing. investigation, The killings came as Al-Shabaab recently threatened security and law-abiding clan leaders in the country, which has previously targeted assassinations and unarmed, although the group has yet to release any information about the killings. occurred in Lower Shabelle and Lower Juba regions.