Baidoa National security conference federal agrees


Baidoa – The National Security Council meeting which was held in Baidoa, 3-5 June 2018. The conference, which took place at the Presidential Palace, southwest of Baidoa spoke about national security issues, and presided over the meeting, President of the Federal Republic of Somalia H E. Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed.
The conference will be the most difficult match for the National Security Council, which is members of the federal government, and the regional state governors.

Minister of Interior, Federalism and Reconciliation Internal Security, Minister of Defense, National Security Adviser, Ministers of State Governments, and Chief of Staff.
The Council thanks the all the people of South West who have been well-organized in the conference. The council also thanks to the security forces in South West, SNA and Amisom.
1. Security Issues:
When the committee heard the recommendations of the National Security Committee, and considered the views and recommendations of the country’s security, the House agreed with the following:

1.1. Independence: The National Security Council emphasizes that the unity, unity and independence of Somalia is unprecedented.

1.2. Preventing risks: the National Security Council as he listened to the security threats of the terrorists attack on the country to accelerate and consolidate and upgrade the equipment of the armed forces, the two levels, and provide training and skills relating to methods  prevent terrorist acts.

1.3. Transition Plan: The National Security Council approves the Transition Plan, which is seen as a plan that aims to provide the Somali people with access to safe haven, following the following steps;

1.3.1. In a joint rewarding goal of implementing the first phase of the transition plan sets the framework to implement the Somali National Army and police in two levels including Darwish.

1.3.2. South-Western Liberation Army troops will be part of the planned operations to open the main road (MSR) between Mogadishu and Baidoa. This mission will be led by the South West Security Committee, and will instruct the force of the Force Commander during the mission.

1.3.3. The National Combating Armed Forces come within 30 (30) days of their action plan.

1.3.4. The transition plan is complete, including stabilization efforts, economic recovery, rule of law and justice.
1.4. Completion of the Security Structure: The Council has approved the deployment of Amisom Heads of State and Banadir Regional Offices within thirty (30) days to accelerate the implementation of the Federal Security and National Security Council’s mandate.
1.5. The Council agreed that within sixty (60) days, the Technical Committee shall implement Article 1.2 of the Decree of 6-10 February 2018, which states: “The Federal Government shall assist the State Police Force, including the Darwiish (arms, ammunition, military equipment, food, medicine, bonuses, training and training) that will be part of the Somali National Armed Forces in the fight against terrorism. “The Council urges the Somali people to unite against terrorism.

1.6. The Council agreed that Galmudug and Puntland, not existing Amisom forces, assisted in the operations of Al-Shabaab and Diaspora in the Galgala Mountains, the Far East and South Galmudug, and assisted the three parts of the transition plan.

1.7. The council welcomed the substantial changes in the CXDS, including the structure of the military, the unified training and the enhancement of the discipline and the command of the army and the establishment of the promotion of the proclamation of officers and deputy officers to the promotion of the law.

1.8. The House of Representatives is mandated by the Federal Police Reform Commission under the Ministry of Internal Security to complete the Federal Police Reform process within 90 days.

1.9. The council praises the security of the Cities and Neighborhood Program in Banadir region and acknowledges that close to the capital of Middle Shabelle and Lower Shabelle is an important part of ensuring the security of the capital.

2. Political Affairs
The council also analyzed the following points:
¢ The Election Process of the Federal Republic of Somalia 2020.
¢ Natural Resources (Fuel and Minerals).
2.1. The Council commends the performance of the Commission and the Ministries of Political Science.
2.2. The Council praised the progress made on the activities of the international financial institutions, in particular the cooperation between the Government of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and the Council encouraged to strengthen cooperate with them, fight together with corruption and maintain a steady system of accountability.
2.3. The Council has decided to unite the country’s taxes as quickly as possible, such as taxes, workers’ benefits and business profits.
2.4. The Council agreed that the country would be elected by a single and a yearly vote