International Crisis Group warns Gulf conflict to affect Somalia

The International Crisis Group has warned that the conflict between Arab countries in the Arab world may have an impact on Somalia.A statement from the ICG called for Somali politicians to stop interfering with the parties’ disagreements over the Gulf, such as Saudi Arabia’s leadership and the Qatar government. a year later, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, have cut ties with the Qatar government and imposed sanctions on them.

The ICG also said that the Gulf conflict could pose a growing threat to Somalia, such as Mogadishu and the Somaliland administration. The ICG added that further insecurity in Somalia could benefit from the fight against the Somali government.

The International Crisis Group called for dialogue between the Somali government and the United Arab Emirates, after the two countries had embarked deeper into their relationship, after the steps taken by the Somali government to oust the United Arab Emirates.The Somali government has taken control it is own affair