Britain’s former defense secretary warns Israel’s ‘killing rage’ risks 50 more years of conflict

Britain’s former defense secretary Ben Wallace

By Anadolu Agency

Israel is losing its legal basis for the war in Gaza with its “killing rage,” senior British politician Ben Wallace has warned amid growing Western criticism of Tel Aviv.

The former defense secretary told the Daily Telegraph that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was “losing sight of the long term,” advising Israel to end its “crude and indiscriminate method of attack” in Gaza.

“But if he thinks a killing rage will rectify matters, then he is very wrong,” he said. “His methods will not solve this problem.”

“In fact, I believe his tactics will fuel the conflict for another 50 years. His actions are radicalizing Muslim youth across the globe.”

Wallace said he was not calling for a cease-fire because he believes the Palestinian group Hamas is not ready to declare one.

“What I am saying is Israel needs to stop this crude and indiscriminate method of attack. And it needs to combat Hamas differently.”

He urged Israel to learn from his country’s experience in Northern Ireland, which proved that “as sure as night follows day, history shows us that radicalization follows oppression.”

“Northern Ireland internment taught us that a disproportionate response by the state can serve as a terrorist organization’s best recruiting sergeant,” he said.

“For many, watching the events in Gaza unfold each day makes us more and more uncomfortable.”

His comments came amid increasing concern over the death toll in Gaza by the US, UK, Germany and France. They are concerned over the disproportionate use of violence, which they suspect risks breaking international law.