The Chief of Defence General Bashir Jama “The role of the Armed Forces and the Coast Guard will come back”


Mogadishu – The Chief of Defense Forces General of the Somali Federal Government, Bashir Mohamed Jama , sent a congratulatory message to the Somali National Army and Navy Seals to celebrate the 53th anniversary of the was established by the military on 10th February 1965.

“The 53th anniversary of the establishment of the Somali Armed Forces on the Day of the Morning, Congratulations to Admiral, Officers,  of the Marine Forces, Their Families and All the Somali People” said Bashir
The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, HE Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, today called on the international community to support the Federal Government of Somalia and the Federal Government of Somalia.

“The situation will be up for us, and you will return to your role as your leader in your Motherland Defense! Today, Somalia needs us more than we are, and we are grateful for your role! This year I hope you will make great progress, win, “he said, adding that Bashir Jama.
On February 10, 1965, the Navy and Coast Guard forces were officially formed.