China Is Colonising Us Through Loans, City Clergy Migwi Tells Uhuru

Vocal city Pastor Godfrey Migwi has warned President Uhuru Kenyatta from taking more loans from China, saying that it could be a trap to colonise Kenya.
The Clergy argues that the loans from China are a crafty means by the Chinese to colonise African countries by advancing them loans they cannot repay. In turn, the Chinese companies will want to take over most income generating projects in African countries and make a kill out of it.

“This money (debt) they’re lending to us and the world is a sweet lollipop but later we will be left with a small stick after the sweetness is finished. The debt for infrastructure the Chinese are using it as a tool to colonise us, to take the Port of Mombasa and other parts of the country, it’s a matter of time they will demand a military base in Kenya,” says Migwi.

Migwi adds that China, the number one enemy for the USA will soon possess most poor countries of the world, in a neo-colonialism strategy through loans. He names developing countries Pakistan, Djibouti, the Maldives, Fiji, and Africa that are in danger of becoming Chinese colonies due to the huge amounts of money they owe China.
“Owing more than $1billion (£786million) in debts to China, Sri Lanka handed over Hambantota Port to companies owned by the Chinese government on a 99-year lease. Djibouti, home to the US military’s main base in Africa, also looks likely to cede control of a portable terminal to a Beijing-linked firm. This is called “debt-trap diplomacy” or “debt colonialism” – offering enticing loans to countries unable to repay, and then demanding concessions when they default,” adds Migwi.

Migwi further states that the move by the Chinese government to grow its military muscle should send a warning signal to both countries borrowing from China and the developed world.
“Beijing’s creation of man-made islands in the disputed South China Sea for use as military bases suggests the concern may be warranted. China has the world’s largest military for in your information when I was in America one American soldier revealed to me that in the whole world they only fear China in matters of war,” warns Migwi.
China has already set aside Ksh6 trillion for African countries for loans.

This comes as cases of illegal immigrants from China escalate in the country, with the government deporting over 30 in the last one week. Some months ago, reports emerged that the Chinese nationalities working at the SGR were treating Kenyans in an inhumane manner, just as colonial masters did before Kenya attained independence.

Source: Kahawatungu