Who is the new Somali Prime Minister Roble?

President Farmajo nominates. Mohamed Hussein Roble is the new Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia.

Mohamed Roble, 57, was born in Hobyo, Mudug region, in 1963. He grew up in Mogadishu and received his primary education. He was a student at Gahayr National University and attended the College of Engineering.

After the collapse of the Somali government, he was among those who fled the country, starting in Italy and then moving to Sweden where his family lived. Mohamed Roble continued his education in Sweden and earned a master’s degree in environmental engineering.

He has worked for the United Nations’ ILO for more than 10 years. Mohamed Roble is not a former politician and is a new face in Somali politics, yet he comes at a critical time when federal elections are to be held with time to spare. very little.

The first task is to ask the Parliament for a vote of confidence, and then form its Council of Ministers, after which it will have to present its political platform to the Parliament so that the House of Representatives can give a vote of confidence to the government it forms.

The most expected task is to lead the political agreement reached on the regional states members.