Civil war looting property 1991: Mogadishu mayor returns to property right owner Ali

Photo/ Somali Times

Mogadishu-Mayor Omar Mohamoud Mohamed. Civil war looting property 1991 returns to property right owner Ali 30 years looters occupied illegal by force still many properties being occupied by force in Mogadishu over. Half million properties still occupied Somali Times investigated. Benadir administration returns Somali citizen to his home.

Mogadishu mayor said. “We will never accept any citizen’s possession of their property illegal and call upon anyone whose property or house is illegal occupied contact us send strong warnings to anyone who does not own a home or holding possession of property that he does not own to repossess would otherwise be prosecuted ”.

Representative Ali Hassan thanked everyone who took part in helping them regain their property.“We are very happy to be safely and safely handed over to our home. Civil war looting our property 1991 for 30 years and we are especially grateful to the governor of Benadir and the Mayor of Mogadishu for helping us back. find our long-lost assets “.