Somalia Ambassador to United Nations says atrocities in Las Anod are war crimes against humanity

Somalia Ambassador to United Nations Abukar Dahir Osman

The ambassador of the Somali government to the United Nations, Abukar Dahir Osman, has described what is happening in the city of Las Anod as war crimes against humanity and the values of the Somali people.

Ambassador Abukar Dahir Osman, who was giving a briefing to the Security Council, said that an indiscriminate attacks was carried out on civilians as well as public infrastructure.

Abukar Dahir Osman said the Somali government is committed to investigating and holding accountable those who are linked to be behind this crisis.

“President Hassan Sheikh called for an immediate end to the conflict and for negotiations to be held. The government of Somalia is ready to create an inclusive dialogue, to restore stability,” said Abukar Dahir Osman.

The Somali ambassador to the UN, Abukar Dahir Osman said, “The Somali government has a responsibility to protect the Somali people, as well as to provide aid to the people affected by the conflict in Las Anod.”

The ambassador called on the international community to quickly deliver the needed humanitarian aid to the city of Las Anod.