Deputy Prime Minister meets on Somalia’s Development Forum

Mogadishu- the Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, H E. Mahdi Mohamed Guled , today opened a questionnaire for Somalia’s Development and Reconstruction Forum, attended by some cabinet ministers Somalia,

such as the Ministries of Planning, Security, Management & Disasters, Finance, Fisheries, Public Works, Agriculture, Interior Affairs, Women’s & Human Rights and Public Support. It is presented in the workshop on development projects and reconstruction of the country.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that the 2018 year is a year of performance, and it is generally desirable to stand up to the government’s initiatives, and to implement the  commitments the Prime Minister and the President of the country.
“Before the year 2019, we must present our activities and the National Development Plan, to publicize public services and to respond appropriately.

Following this, the Ministry of Finance presented a framework for the establishment and coordination of the development and coordination of the national planning of the nine pillars, the Policy, Security, the Governorship and the Development Bank, the Economic Growth, a Good Governance, Reform, Community Development, Gender and Human Rights and the National Building.

Deputy Prime Minister  spoke on the nine pillars said how to work and said that the relevant ministers would take their role as a pillar of the council, and also encouraged them to hold accountable donors helping Somalia.
Finally, the Deputy Prime Minister appealed to the ministers who attended the conference to hold meetings with the National Development and Planning Programs.