Dr Farah Ali Shire Campaign starts in Bosaso

Dr Farah Ali Shire, announced in Bosaso today that he is among the candidates for the presidency of Puntland.
Dr Farah Ali Shire, former Puntland State minister for finance, told Somali Times that he had been discussing the issue of his campaigns on a number of issues, including security, economic and social security. stable Puntland.

He said Puntland was built on the pillars of governance but needs to be protected as it has been said, adding that his candidacy is a victory for the people of Puntland as well as the hope of the people of Puntland.

Dr Farah also emphasized the importance of the people of Puntland for the realization of a real change in the Puntland state system in the absence of the gaps in Puntland’s restoration of Somalia.
He has, for example, been increasingly underestimated by the federal government and the federal government in particular in Puntland, the mother of the federal government, now with the head of the federal government, and said Puntland is a Somali-dominated area. governance is therefore not possible without communication and cooperation with the federal government.

Finally, Dr Farah Ali Shire announced his candidacy for his deliberate plans to address the security, economic and security arrangements in Puntland.